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Jim Harbaugh took in a Giants game

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Thursday afternoon, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh decided to take in a game with his wife. According to Cam Inman, the guy in the Giants hat to the left of Coach Harbaugh's wife is Giants CEO Larry Baer. I'm guessing Harbaugh was a guest of Baer for the game

I think the most important thing here is Coach Harbaugh rocking the denim shirt. Not many people can pull that off, but you know Jim Harbaugh can!

Coach Harbaugh enjoys sports all across the Bay. He's taken in both A's and Giants games, and has mentioned the notion of supporting all the teams. I'm not a Giants hater, but I definitely strongly prefer the A's. I've had my moments of being annoyed with the Giants, but I like to think I've reached a point closer to ambivalence. I don't really pay a whole lot of attention to them, although I have plenty of Facebook friends and people on Twitter who mention them to me. I just stick to my A's and forget about the Giants most of the time. Speaking of the A's, ten more years in the Coliseum! With that comes a new $10 million scoreboard, and I'd imagine another decade of plumbing problems. Woo hoo!

I do wonder if Coach Harbaugh would take in a Cal game given his Stanford background. I think he'd be willing to take the heat because he generally always is willing to do that. But I would love to see the reaction from both Cal and Stanford fans to that one. Next spring, he needs to go to a Cal baseball game. Or, the Cal-Oregon game at Levi's Stadium is during the 49ers bye week.