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Josh Gordon arrested for driving while impaired

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This is not San Francisco 49ers news, but it is still noteworthy. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was arrested in North Carolina early Saturday morning for driving while impaired. A little over a month ago, Gordon was issued a ticket for speeding, and a passenger in his car was issued a citation for possession of less than 200 grams of marijuana. Oh, and the NFL is working out how long his suspension will be for his most recent failed drug test. Reports indicate he could face anywhere from 8 games to a full season.

There was plenty of chatter among 49ers fans about making a move for Josh Gordon. He is one of the most talented wide receivers in the NFL, and there is no doubt he would have been a huge addition for Colin Kaepernick. However, the big issue surrounded his off-field issues. He had already served one drug-related suspension, and was another violation away from another suspension. He faces that suspension, and now he could find himself facing further discipline depending on how this case resolves itself.

We don't know what the details are yet for this case, but it's not like he gets the benefit of the doubt at this point. Maybe it ends up being a misunderstanding, but I think most people are assuming the worst. And it's a situation where hopefully a guy like Aldon Smith is paying attention to this. Like Aldon, Josh Gordon is ridiculously talented, but has engaged in some knuckle-headed behavior. While Aldon has seemingly found some help to start to get past his issues, Gordon just seems to be completely lost in all this. He won't be playing football for a while at this point, so hopefully he can use the time productively to figure things out.