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Sunday evening open thread

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sport

The holiday weekend is just about wrapped up, and I figured I would put together an open thread for your enjoyment. Tonight we'll find out the full All Star rosters, minus the "Final Vote" candidates. Every team is represented, but we might see some additional Bay Area representation at the All Star Game in Minneapolis.

I'm particularly psyched as I will be attending the game. I scored some tickets through friends at the A's, and will head up to stay with my step-brother for a few days. I'm only going to the game, not the other events. I went to all the events when San Francisco hosted the All Star Game in 2007. It was great checking them all out, but I don't really have much interest in going to some of them again. The Home Run Derby was interesting, but we had a fairly dull one, so I'm in no rush to check them out again.

This coming week is the last week where there will probably be no real on-field football news. Rookies report on July 16, so the following week will start to bring training camp news. The first practice is not until July 24, but as players report, I'm sure we'll see plenty of random tidbits. Football is almost here!