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Golden Nuggets: Mo Money, Mo Problems

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Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet

Ronald Martinez

What do you get when you could have $126 million coming your way? A tattoo to symbolize that money is the root of all evil of course! Colin instagrammed a photo of his new tattoo artwork followed by the comment "Money is the root of all evil! #WhatWouldYouDoForSomePaper #WhatAreYouReallyAbout". Does this tattoo symbolize his mentality to not let the money change him or that he forfeited a lot of guaranteed money to keep him focused? Either explanation is good with me. The tattoo is a really cool piece. We are hoping the money doesn't change him and he stays focused on the task of winning a Super Bowl, but money can change people.

49ers Links

I wasn't born yet, but I can watch that play over and over again | Reliving The Catch (Williamson)

Kilgore Can Dunk? (Kegley)

The Giants are out of town, so he went to see the A's game. No big deal | Harbaugh A Fan Of Both Bay Area Baseball Teams (Pentis)

This should be a fun battle to watch | Spotlight On The Running Backs (Biderman)

From The Field To The Front Office (Price)

Niners Attend Supplemental Draft Workout (Wilkening)

A very cool piece of artwork | Colin's New Tattoo (BASG)