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NFL MVP odds 2014: Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore listed

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Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore are listed among the candidates for the 2014 MVP award, as listed by Bovada. Does Kap actually have a shot at MVP anytime soon given the 49ers offensive style?

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Bovada released their latest NFL MVP odds, and Colin Kaepernick and Frank Gore are among the players listed. Kap is installed at 25/1 odds, while Gore is at 200/1. The top of the rankings are exclusively quarterbacks, with Peyton Manning topping the list. Kap is the 8th quarterback listed.

Do you think Kap will claim an MVP award during the life of his contract? Do you think he'll even climb into the top five in MVP voting at some point? He's got physicals to win the MVP award, or at least finish high in the voting. However, the 49ers offense is not exactly set up for a quarterback to dominate. Kap can dominate on a given play, but would he see enough opportunities over the course of a season to sufficiently influence the voters? We could start to see a sea change with the addition of more weapons, but do you expect it anytime soon?

Ironically, his best chance might be when the team has to make some tough cap decisions. If the running game talent (both backs and the offensive line) around him is spread a little more thin, maybe Kap ends up in a position where he has to do more. The 49ers are creating more and more depth at both positions, so that might not even come to fruition during his time with the 49ers.

All that being said, I'm not remotely unhappy with that given that it likely means the 49ers are winning a significant amount.

2014 NFL MVP - Odds to Win

Peyton Manning: 3/1
Drew Brees: 11/2
Aaron Rodgers: 15/2
Tom Brady: 9/1
Andrew Luck: 16/1
Jay Cutler: 20/1
Matthew Stafford: 20/1

Colin Kaepernick: 25/1

Cam Newton: 25/1
Russell Wilson: 25/1
Robert Griffin III: 25/1
LeSean McCoy: 25/1
Adrian Peterson: 25/1
Calvin Johnson: 25/1
Matt Ryan: 33/1
Nick Foles: 40/1
Ben Roethlisberger: 50/1
Eli Manning: 50/1
Philip Rivers: 50/1
Tony Romo: 50/1
Marshawn Lynch: 50/1
Demaryius Thomas: 66/1
Matt Forte: 66/1
Jamaal Charles: 66/1
Dez Bryant: 66/1
Brandon Marshall: 66/1
Julio Jones: 66/1
Jimmy Graham: 66/1
Joe Flacco: 100/1
Johnny Manziel: 100/1
Andy Dalton: 100/1
Eddie Lacy: 100/1
Arian Foster: 100/1
Rob Gronkowski: 100/1
Alex Smith: 150/1
Alfred Morris: 150/1
C.J. Spiller: 150/1
Antonio Brown: 150/1
DeMarco Murray: 200/1

Frank Gore: 200/1