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Jim Harbaugh continues his baseball journey with trip to Diamondbacks game

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Christian Petersen

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh continues his jaunt around Major League baseball ballparks. After spending last at a Giants game, and then an Athletics game, Coach Harbaugh was down in Arizona on Monday for a Diamondbacks game.

It appears, Coach Harbaugh was a guest of former MLB manager Tony LaRussa. The two have connected in the past, with Harbaugh attending LaRussa's charity benefit a year and a half ago, and LaRussa spending some time at 49ers practice. I'm not sure why Harbaugh was in Phoenix, other than for the ballgame, but he seems to be enjoying his time off before training camp.

There were several pictures around social media. I don't really mind the idea of adults at a baseball game with a glove, although if you can't catch a nearby foul ball, you deserve every bit of ridicule you'll get. But I don't see Coach Harbaugh being the kind of guy to drop a foul ball opportunity.