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San Francisco 49ers put tickets on sale for Levi's Stadium tours

The San Francisco 49ers will host tours at Levi's Stadium this fall. We've got the full details.

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If you were looking to check out Levi's Stadium without getting season tickets, an opportunity is here. The San Francisco 49ers announced a tour program for the new stadium. For $25 ($20 for seniors, military, kids 5-12, SBL holders), you can get a guided tour of Levi's Stadium. For $35 ($25 for seniors, military, kids 5-12, SBL holders), you get the guided tour, and then access to the 49ers Museum. For some context, Fenway Park charges $17 for tours (per Darren Rovell).

Tickets for the event are at Ticketmaster, and you can learn more about the tour HERE. I've taken two tours of the stadium over the last few months, and it's a fantastic facility. The outside of the stadium is nothing to get excited about, but once you get inside, it's really quite nice. It will be a 90-minute tour, which should be enough to really see what makes up the stadium. It sounds like you'll get to see everything from the field to the restaurants and concessions to the solar garden on the top of the suite tower.

The 49ers museum will be open to the public seven days a week. On non-game days, it will cost $15 for adults, $10 for kids 5-12, Santa Clara residents, senior, and active/retired military. Kids under 4 are free. On game days, the prices are $12 and $8. This is not something that I'd see going to frequently, but as a box to check off, it's a good value. The team's Hall of Fame will be based there, and there will be a variety of other exhibits. My favorite is probably going to be the one that will feature a recreation of Bill Walsh's old Redwood City office. It should be pretty cool.