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Richard Sherman on Michael Crabtree: 'I hope to play him every year for the rest of my career and choke him out.'

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It's safe to say Thanksgiving is going to be rough at Levi's Stadium. Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree might need a side match in a steel cage.

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It is safe to say the Michael Crabtree-Richard Sherman feud is not going away anytime soon. Sherman is appearing on a Discovery Channel show called "American Muscle" and it sounds like he really goes right at Crabtree. The first episode of this show airs at 9 p.m. ET tonight. I don't quite know how Discovery times work for pacific time (whether it's 9 ET/PT, or 6pm PT). Whatever the case, this will surely drive some ratings.

"It's much more of just I don't like the dude," Sherman says. "You know what I'm saying. And I think he's sorry. So it's really what it comes down to."

"It's just about him, it's just about Crabtree," Sherman says on tonight's show.

"It's not going to be something that goes away. I hope to play him every year for the rest of my career and choke him out. There's not much else I can say about the subject. Nobody will understand it but him and me. That's all that needs to understand."

We all know how the NFC Championship Game ended, and there were rumblings that Sherman's screaming after the game had something to do with an incident at Larry Fitzgerald's charity event the previous offseason. From what I've heard, Sherman addresses this to some extent, although I doubt we get the full story.

Sherman has said he thought Crabtree got in his face about some stuff, but there are conflicting reports that it was the other way around. Whatever the case, it strikes me as pretty childish crap, whomever is in the right or wrong.

It's safe to say the Thanksgiving showdown between these two teams is going to be ridiculously intense. I only hope both teams are playing good football heading into that game to boost it even further. It will be a rivalry matchup even if one of both teams is not playing well, but it would be so much more fun if both teams are still at the top of the NFL. Now we just need a steel cage around the field!