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49ers training camp practice recap: Day 8 sees scuffles, Glenn Dorsey injury

Eight days into camp and tempers are running hot.

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Once again, your benevolent overlord is out on a Friday night while I slowly roast at home in 94 degree-weather. He's asked me to please sit at my hot computer and put together a training camp recap for the day of Friday and I suppose I can do that in-between heat strokes. They won't be as fleshed out or pretty as his (I don't care for Vine so much and miss a lot of that stuff), but I'm sure you guys will find a way to manage.

Of course, the beat writers once again saved their best stuff for the recaps and the Tweeting was kept to a minimum, which was the case last time I covered the camp recap.

Glenn Dorsey leaves with injury

The biggest news from Friday pertains to an injury, unfortunately. Nose tackle Glenn Dorsey left practice late into the session with what the beat writers called a possible left arm injury. At the time of writing, there's been no updates on what the injury could be or its severity, so we'll likely have to wait for something official from the team.

Hopefully, it's not something serious. Dorsey proved a lot of doubters wrong after Ian Williams sustained his season-ending injury last year, and I think many were looking forward to him splitting time with Williams when the two were healthy. As of now, both are not healthy until we hear more from the 49ers on Dorsey. Williams is not quite ready to return from injury just yet, so that means ... Mike Purcell is the top nose tackle at this point.



Apparently, it was a pretty high-energy practice, which is always good ... but also a very competitive one. According to the folks there, multiple fights broke out, one of which resulted in wide receiver Anquan Boldin getting sent off the field:

Harbaugh has sent players off the field before and doesn't tolerate players who won't listen to him. The only surprising thing here is that a player of Boldin's caliber was sent off, but at the same time, it's probably important for Harbaugh to make sure everyone knows they're all going to be treated the same way. Boldin and Morris will probably be fine, though they weren't the only ones fighting.

There were apparently "several flare ups," according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, which included a near-fight between running back Jewel Hampton and Chase Thomasaccording to Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. Multiple beat writers said Harbaugh himself jumped in the middle of the scuffles to break them up.

Calm down, guys. Save it for the Seattle Seahawks.

Practice Reports

For the rest of the info, you should probably check out the practice reports below. I don't have a ton of time, unfortunately. When the other writers push their's out and you see 'em, feel free to post them in the comments for your fellow reader.