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#Channel49 Twitter Q&A: 49ers lose to Ravens as we try not to panic

#Channel49 is a Twitter Q&A session hosted by Trevor Woods and myself. It takes place every Friday at 2pm PST. You simply use the aforementioned hashtag and send in comments and questions and we discuss it, frequently with a special guest. The corresponding mailbag post goes up on the weekend. Join us!

Rob Carr

That's right, folks. #Channel49 is back in action after an offseason layoff. Last week was the first session in a longtime. There was no ring rust, no signs of any letdown and Woods and I are in midseason form. This week we were joined by Turron Davenport of Internet fame. He was a frequent guest last season and his cup overfloweth with knowledge. You can follow him at:

In the wake of the 49ers-Ravens preseason game, there was a lot to talk about. Some of it good, much of it inconsequential. People tend to make broad sweeping statements based on a quarter and a half of action by Player X or Defender Y. The preseason is about judging whether or not the 6th corner back is better off as the 53rd man on the roster than the 6th wide receiver. You want to see if the second year guy looks a bit more comfortable than he did as a rookie or if a certain player returning from injury looks full strength, but not much else….Well, except for….Gabbert! More on that later.

To the Tweetbag!

Week 1 Standouts

Yeah, Carlos Hyde is pretty darn good. He looks quick and showed good judgement in picking his holes. His 7.8 yards per carry against the Ravens was more than you could ask for. We have every reason to believe that he'll be a good backup to Frank Gore this season and a great runner going forward. How much time he gets on the field this year will depend on how quickly he picks up the nuances of the position, namely pass protection and blitz pickup.

One thing we have to keep in mind is that if he were coming out of college 15 years ago, he would have been a top 20 pick. This generations 2nd round running back was last generations fifth-overall pick. Running backs are coming out of college with the same quality and skill as in the past, they're simply valued less by the majority of the league. We want top level backs in San Francisco and we now get them for less draft capital.

And, for the record, I was never too worried about the RB situation. I always had a hunch that Hyde would be our No. 2 before the end of the season.

Quinton Dial is massive, at least compared to our usual defensive tackles / nose tackles. We tend to use guys listed around 300 lbs and both Glenn Dorsey and Ian Williams fit that bill. Dial weighs in at 320 lbs and he threw around all of them against the Ravens on Thursday night. He looked good and compiled some significant tallies in the stat sheet. He fits the profile of a 3-4 DT run clogger and here's to hoping he can keep this going through the season.

As for keeping him on the shelf until the season begins, I don't think we'll see it. Second-year players, specifically ones who hardly played in their first year, need to get the reps and so I'd expect to see him out there in all his splendor.

Chris Cook continued his strong showing and is on his way to securing a roster spot. Reports coming out of camp have him getting his hands on all sorts of passes and he was able to do it again when it matters most…preseason. Dial, as mentioned, played well. The other player who showed some flash was Bruce Ellington. He looked great in the return game, something we've been lacking since Ted Ginn Jr returned two kicks for a score to begin the 2011 season. Vision of Ellington dance in our head.

As for the negative. Joe Looney didn't make anyone forget Alex Boone. Jewel Hampton failed to get anything going on the ground. And, as you all would have noticed, none of the quarterbacks were able to make anything happen.

Gabbert Gabbert Hey

Sigh… No, no we can't. You need you to write your congressman.

I live in Australia, and I don't get to watch as much of the rest of the league as I would like. I haven't tons of Blaine Gabbert, and I can honestly say I'm not sure I want to see much more. It's sort of like a really bad movie that you had been told about, warned about, everyone joked about it, but then you went to see it any way. Gabbert has been the butt of bad quarterbacking jokes for the past few years and now we see why.

All jokes aside, Colt McCoy was horrible in the preseason last year, but the 49ers kept him on as the no. 2 quarterback over the likes Scott Tolzien. We don't have any great options behind Gabbert on the depth chart, either. Josh Johnson and McLeod Bethel-Thomspon don't inspire tons of confidence. At the end of the day, if Colin Kaepernick is lost for any significant amount of time, our season will likely lie in ruins, regardless of the combination of backups to emerge from our scrap pile.

It's a great idea in theory. But a team simply can't afford it once their young quarterback has received his second contract. Any veteran backup worth their salt is on a team with a young unproven starter. That team could afford to pay them a higher wage and they may have a chance to start should the young signal caller falter. Looking at it from the backups perspective, the 49ers' job might be the least desirable around, once you look at chances of playing, possible wages, etc...


Missing Persons Report

I'd have given him the raise before camp began. But Harbaalke doesn't listen to me, nor accept my repeated phone calls, for that matter. The latest talk has Alex Boone being moved, though that could simply be beat writer chatter. We're clearly better off with him in the starting lineup than without him. The 49ers, however, don't negotiate with holdouts and Boone refuses to show up until he gets a raise. Someone will have to blink in this standoff before we see a solution that we like, and there are no indications that that's in the cards.

Everyone is dying to get a glimpse at Marcus Lattimore, myself included. There's still no news on his return and we're probably not going to know that he's ready until he's actually ready and about to suit up. The 49ers organization keeps such tight wraps on all injury information and considering the devastating nature of the injury he's recovering from, it's conceivable that he never returns to his pre-injury self. If the 49ers make that determination, we probably wouldn't know it until the day he's released. I do hope he makes a complete recovery, but until we see him on the field in a game situation, there's no telling when and in what capacity he'll return.

And More...

It could take a few weeks before we get an official pronouncement on Aldon Smith's punishment. But, we'll start to hear rumors and leaks before too long. In the media, guestimates are mostly in the 2-5 games missed range, after Goodell knocks time off for his stint in rehab. What we could see is The League hand down a fairly stiff punishment but credit him for tons of 'time served'. That way both sides would appear to get what they want.

I think what most of us are afraid of is Aldon getting one of the first punishments handed down in the wake of the Ray Rice debacle. The League has caught so much flak for handing down what is perceived as a soft punishment that we fear they may want to prove they're still tough on discipline.

We'll find out soon enough.

People are liking Shayne Skov but he's got long odds to make the team. He's got to beat out a 3rd round draft choice in Chris Borland. They could have drafted Skov had they wanted to, but they chose Borland, and fairly highly. If he can play some special teams, he could conceivably squeeze Nick Moody off the roster. Or would he bounce Dan Skuta?

Also, a good showing in camp and preseason doesn't necessarily translate to a roster spot. Eric Bakhtiari led the team in tackles in the preseason in 2012 but failed to stick around.

Tim Kawakami receiving hate tweets from 49ers fans is basically the signal for the official beginning of football-mania. It's a harbinger of good fortune.

Always good to fan the flames of the chicken little in all of us. Thanks Corey. I got your sarcasm. I hope everyone else did or you may receive some of those above hate tweets.

That's right guys, plans are in the works for a #Channel49 podcast. We would use the Twitter questions as well as questions sent in via e-mail to discuss the weeks news. I'm excited. Trevor's excited. You should get excited. Stay tuned for details.

Follow us and join us next week. 2pm PST every Friday. If you can't make it there in person, you can send in a question ahead of time. We'll get it and we'll answer it.