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49ers, Ravens get second joint practice underway

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are on the second day of three joint practices in Owings Mills, Maryland. We've got a Twitter list to follow, and an open thread.

@Ravens on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens kick off their second day of joint practices. The first day went fairly smoothly, split up between two fields. With double the players available, it allows each team's offense and defense to split up, instead of all facing each other on the same field. The upside to that is more reps for everybody. The downside is it is harder for the media to keep track of things.

The 49ers saw Brandon Lloyd do some warm-up work, but he did not take part in practice. Jim Harbaugh said he and Michael Crabtree would be back soon, but would not get more specific. Stevie Johnson put together a performance that all the beat writers agreed was one of his best of camp. He had a solid game against the Ravens on Thursday, so it is good to see him build on that.

Both offenses seemed to have the most success on Saturday. We'll see how today's practice follows, but it will be interesting to hear what Vic Fangio has to say about Saturday's performance. Fangio and Greg Roman will meet with the media shortly after practice ends. I've posted the media Twitter list down below, so you can follow practice and then the ensuing press conferences. I'll be back a little later with a practice recap.