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Golden Nuggets: Practice recaps, Anquan Boldin talks 2013 trade, Harbaugh & Harbaugh

49ers links for Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

We've got a slightly delayed version of the Nuggets for you today. It was a busy day yesterday. The 49ers and Ravens had their first joint practice session, so we've got some recaps there. Alex Boone trade rumors are picking up. I suspect each week we get closer to the season we'll start to hear more and more rumors. We don't have any specific teams, and in fact, the rumors have been more about how teams are "prepared" to start talking to the 49ers. I would be surprised if somebody hadn't at least made some kind of contact already.

Given that we've got joint practices, there will be plenty of content about Jim and John Harbaugh. ran an interview with the two of them that's pretty fun. It's loaded with Harbaugh cliches (doubly so!), but it still has some fun stuff. My favorite part might be when John talks about how Dockers sent him some khaki pants thinking he was Jim. John did not correct them and kept the pants. Jim's response, "I did not know that" with that wry grin he sometimes uses.

On to the links!

Alex Boone rumors

Looney vows to improve while Boone trade rumors begin (Barrows)

Source: Multiple teams interested in trading for Boone (Maiocco)

Teams eye trade for Alex Boone of San Francisco 49ers (Williamson)

49ers Notebook: Boone on the block? (Biderman)

Alex Boone trade on horizon for San Francisco 49ers? (

Trade a possibility for holdout guard Alex Boone (PFT)

Practice recap

Observations from Day 1 of 49ers-Ravens Camp (

49ers at Ravens: First brother-vs.-brother sessions runs smoothly (Barrows)

Practice report: 49ers, Ravens ‘get better’ through tame practice (Inman)

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp Report: Day 12 (Williamson)

Practice 12: 49ers improve short-passing game (Maiocco)

Harbaugh & Harbaugh

A Sit-down with the Harbaugh Brothers (

Harbaugh brothers united: media obsessed with practice-field fights (Barrows)

Harbaugh brothers share same view of fight-loving media (Branch)

John Harbaugh takes swing at media over coverage of skirmishes (Maiocco)

Bummer: Harbaugh pokes fun after fight-less practice with Ravens (Branch)

Anquan Boldin on 2013 trade

Boldin Reflects on Trade: 'It Was Shocking' (

Boldin on Baltimore return: ‘It’s just been cool to come back and have this happen’ (Inman)

A year later, Boldin’s moved on; John Harbaugh ‘still sore’ (Branch)

49ers Boldin enjoys sweet homecoming in Baltimore (Barrows)

Chuck Jacobs/Lance Lewis

WR Chuck Jacobs tore ACL, waived to make room for Lewis (Inman)

49ers Sign WR Lance Lewis, Waive WR Chuck Jacobs (

49ers to sign wide receiver Lance Lewis, waive Chuck Jacobs (Barrows)

49ers sign Lewis after WR Jacobs sustains torn ACL (Branch)


Ward holds onto 49ers' nickel job with solid debut (Maiocco)

49ers expect return of injured D-linemen, receivers soon (Maiocco)

Culliver says of Smith’s chop block Thursday: ‘I don’t take it as a cheap shot’ (Inman)

Flacco Calls Kaepernick 'Do It All' Quarterback (

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland looking for improvement (Williamson)