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Pete Carroll throws down ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to Jim Harbaugh, Bruce Arians, Jeff Fisher

Pete Carroll has thrown down the Ice Bucket Challenge to his fellow NFC West coaches!

@PeteCarroll on Twitter

Fooch's Update: Apparently Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey challenged Trent Baalke!

Pete Carroll has officially thrown out the Ice Bucket Challenge to his fellow NFC West coaches, including Jim Harbaugh, Bruce Arians, and Jeff Fisher. For those not aware, the Ice Bucket Challenge is a social media phenomenon that has helped raised money for ALS, also known as the Lou Gehrig's Disease. Someone dumps a bucket of ice water on them self and then challenges friends. The friends can dump water on themselves, or they can donate money to ALS research (or both).

And speaking of ALS, you can learn all about ALS HERE, and you can donate money to the ALS Association HERE.

Here is some video of Pete Carroll executing the challenge. He had previously been challenged by Steve Sarkisian and Roger Goodell.

There has been some talk about whether or not the Ice Bucket Challenge is valuable, or even remotely worthwhile. Conceivably, if everybody just dumps water on them self, who gets help? Well, according to an ALS Association spokesperson, since July 29, nearly $2.3 million has been donated to the national ALS Association. Last year, during this same stretch, the organization collected $25,000. It would make sense for people to say a fact about ALS, or provide something else as well, but clearly money is coming in. It's better than nothing in my mind.

And as to whether or not Jim Harbaugh will do the challenge? Considering he did pushups with a walrus, and generally is an incredibly competitive person, I have to think we see him do it.