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Dolphins sign Brady Quinn, Browns sign Rex Grossman, 49ers fans want Jeff Garcia back!

It's been an amusing few days for older quarterbacks. Brady Quinn and Rex Grossman signed contracts, and 49ers fans want Jeff Garcia back!

@JeffGarciaJGFA on Twitter

This really has nothing to do with anything, so feel free to use this as an open thread. But I couldn't help but snicker a little at two transactions earlier today. The Miami Dolphins signed quarterback Brady Quinn, and the Cleveland Browns signed quarterback Rex Grossman. I'll let that marinate for a second....

I realize these are two professional athletes that are in infinitely better shape than I am. They're talented, they're probably in good financial shape, and they clearly are among the best in the world at what they do. And yet, I can't help but smile at seeing these two names back in our lives.

Browns head coach Mike Pettine was asked at his press conference if the addition of Grossman meant Brian Hoyer was expendable. Naturally, he said no, but it's still amusing to consider some figure Grossman is ready to get back in the mix. He can do some great things, but he can also make some serious mistakes. Some suggest that his addition means Johnny Manziel could start sooner rather than later, and the team would want to unload Hoyer. Maybe that's the case, maybe not. Either way, any time you can mix in Rex Grossman, it only improves the situation from an entertainment standpoint. Sorry, Browns fans.

Speaking of quarterbacks from the past, Jeff Garcia was recently in the news. He signed on as an assistant coach with the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL. Before he departed though, he had some tweets for 49ers fans:

If you head over to his Twitter feed, you can see plenty of retweets of people looking to get him back. I don't think anybody expects him to re-join the 49ers, but it's a fun exchange on Twitter. Ideally Blaine Gabbert or Josh Johnson shows the team enough to make us moderately comfortable with the backup, but if not, there's always Jeff Garcia!