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Levi's unveils 49ers collection

Levi's is unveiling an apparel line inspired by the 49ers. We've got some pictures and prices.

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The San Francisco 49ers host the Denver Broncos this weekend in the first NFL game at Levi's Stadium. It's obviously a huge deal, and there will be plenty of pomp and circumstance. And now, there will also be speciality merchandise!

Levi's purchased the naming rights to the 49ers new stadium, and given their apparel business, they have put together some 49ers specific merchandise. As I understand it, Levi's got permission from the NFL and Nike to produce certain team specific apparel at Levi's Stadium.

The jacket above is just one of the many pieces of team apparel you can purchase over at The gold jacket runs $148. It's certainly an interesting twist on the old school gold 49ers jacket. I could see this having a broad mix of reactions. I think some people will love it, and some will not. I think I like it, although I might actually like another one more. Levi's will be providing this same jacket, but with black sleeves and red sleeves. They are also $148. Here are those versions

Black sleeves

Red sleeves

Do you prefer one of the three? Or maybe you like all three.

Levi's also is selling what they call a "Twill Trucker Jacket" for $89. It is also available in black.

What do people think of these various pieces of merchandise? I like some, I'm not a fan of others, but I could see people getting these for game days. If you are interested in purchasing, head to