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Video of amazing drawing of Colin Kaepernick by hand

Fooch's Update: I spoke with the artist, and she said the drawing took 25 hours!

Every day I get random things tweeted at me. Some I ignore, some are worth sharing via a quick retweet, and others deserve a bit more. This is one that deserves a LOT more.

Heather Rooney is an artist who uses Prismacolor colored pencils to create "photorealistic drawings." I'm trying to find out if any of these are for sale, but for now, this video is worth sharing. Heather put together this drawing of Kap, and recorded herself drawing it. The video is sped up so you can the entire drawing from start to finish. I tweeted at her to find out how long it took in real time, so I'll update this when I find that out. And if these are available for sale, I'll add that as well.

You can see more of her drawings at her YouTube page, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter. She's amazingly talented.