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49ers put single game tickets on sale for Broncos preseason game

The San Francisco 49ers are putting some additional tickets on sale for their preseason home opener against the Denver Broncos. We've got some details.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have begun the second part of their single game ticket sales program. On August 5, the 49ers put standing room tickets on sale to members of the Faithful 49 program. Anybody was eligible and it involved getting an email with a code to use at Ticketmaster. A week later, some additional individual game tickets for the Denver Broncos exhibition game are on sale today. These will be actual seats, as opposed to standing room.

The way the system works, each week of a given home game, the 49ers will release a limited number of reserved seating tickets. I understand it is potentially less than 1,000 per game, and could be as low as a few hundred tickets. These will be released the week of a given game, and it involves membership in the Faithful 49 program.

Whereas the standing room sale was available to any member, the reserved seating sale will be structured differently. You have to be a member of the program to purchase tickets. However, each person is placed in a different time slot based on how many "yards" (points) they have accumulated. The more you've accumulated, the higher your time slot. Some people have received 12 p.m. PT time slots. I received a 2 p.m. time slot. I'm not sure if there were earlier slots. What happens with the time slots is the person will receive an email at that point with the necessary code to purchase tickets.

If you don't have a membership in the Faithful 49 program, check out this TiqIQ link for tickets. Ticket prices start at $74 there. Face value for preseason reserve seating ranges from $43 to $100. Here is the variable ticket pricing chart: