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GIF of Trent Baalke taking part in Ice Bucket Challenge

Trent Baalke took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We've got a GIF and an update on Pete Carroll's NFC West challenge.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has picked up considerable steam, helping to raise awareness about ALS, and also raising over $4 million since late July. It has drawn in numerous celebrities, and some members of the San Francisco 49ers are now taking part. You can learn more about ALS, and donate money at

General manager Trent Baalke was challenged by Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey, and Baalke accepted the challenge. You can watch the full video at, but I put together the GIF up above. That's only the second time I've made a GIF, but I think it actually came out pretty well!

Earlier this week, Pete Carroll challenged the other three NFC West head coaches. He tweeted this out earlier today:

One 49ers player has taken part in the challenge. Kevin McDermott posted this picture yesterday. I challenged Jed York, 49ers PR director Bob Lange, and the whole roster to give it a whirl. We'll see if they come through, or at least donate some money!