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49ers/Chiefs Frank Gore jersey can be yours at Manteca Walmart!

This 49ers/Chiefs Frank Gore jersey was spotted at a Walmart. I guess some people take their split fandom quite seriously!

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I don't even know where to start with this. The folks at stumbled across this winner of a jersey. A Facebook user, Gabriel Cruz, posted a couple of pictures to Facebook of this jersey, found at the Manteca, California Walmart. You can read some more details about it HERE.

Following the Alex Smith trade, plenty of Niners Nation readers started spending time at Arrowhead Pride. For some, it was a casual part-time thing. For others, the Chiefs became a bona fide second team for them. And for a small group, they dropped the 49ers and became strictly Chiefs fans. The Alex Smith bond was just that strong!

This would seem to be a simple mistake, but given the personnel relationship we've seen between the 49ers and Chiefs, it is kind of fitting. It's different than the old A's/Giants split cap from the Bay Bridge Series. It's different than the ridiculous Manning split Colts/Broncos jersey. Nothing like a little random humor.