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Jaguars vs. Bears: Preseason Week 2 is underway

Scott Cunningham

The second full week of preseason NFL action kicks off this evening at 5 p.m. PT. The Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears are the one game on the slate, appearing on ESPN.

We will potentially see a little bit more from each team's starters, but it probably will not be a ton. For 49ers fans, one upside if you are inclined to check out tonight's game is the chance to scout the Bears at least a little bit. The 49ers face the Bears in Week 2, their home opener at Levi's Stadium.

The Bears are an intriguing team. They came up just short of a playoff spot last season thanks primarily to an absolutely abysmal defense. They lost Jay Cutler for a stretch during the middle of the season, but Josh McCown was quite solid in his place. Unfortunately, neither quarterback could do anything for a defense that leaked like a sieve. The Bears have worked to overhaul the defense, so we'll see if it actually ends up making any difference.