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Colin Kaepernick makes appearance in new Madden NFL 15 commercial that is kind of insane

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The folks at EA Sports released this extended commercial for Madden NFL 15, and I honestly don't know what I am supposed to think. It's wildly over the top, and as our sister site Polygon described it, "New Madden ad is expensive, idiotic and unmissable." You can watch the ad above.

I bring it up here in part because of how insane it is, but also because it features an appearance by Colin Kaepernick. Kap shows up at the 1:48 mark with three other guys rapping "Blah" a lot. It also features a game scene with LaMichael James scoring a touchdown.

I'm not entirely sure if this commercial is supposed to be a purposely stupid, and thus potentially genius commercial, or if the commercial makers lack any self-awareness at all. What do you think? Is it purposely crazy, or is it, as Polygon describes it, "a 21st-Century ad creative's wet dream"?