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49ers hold second public practice of training camp

The San Francisco 49ers are back for practice, holding their second of three public sessions. We've got a Twitter list to follow, and an open thread.

@49ers on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers are back on the field for practice today, although it is slightly different than normal. This marks the second of three public practices the team is holding at Levi's Stadium. The third is set for August 20. Since the team will be in Levi's, you can try and watch the practice in this stadium live stream. I don't expect it to be great, but maybe you'll see something.

Practice kicks off at 5 p.m. PT. I'm putting this thread up now because Jim Harbaugh will meet with the media at 2 p.m. PT. You can view that live at Player availability (without cameras) is after that, and then practice gets going at 5. I have embedded the media Twitter list, so you can follow along as they tweet.

Today's practice effectively marks the end of training camp. They will continue practicing, but "training camp" is basically considered through the week following the first preseason game. We'll still hear from the media, but there will likely be a little bit less access on a regular basis. This leads us into the season where the regular schedule kicks in.

Practice will wrap up around 7 p.m. PT. I should be able to get a practice recap up after that, but depending on when reports come out, there is a chance it will be delayed until early tomorrow morning. I'll keep an eye out.