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Friday night preseason football for the win!

Jared Wickerham

The San Francisco 49ers do not play until Sunday afternoon, but in the meantime, we've got four games to watch Friday afternoon and evening. Two games will be on NFL Network. Speaking of which, the 49ers-Broncos game will be on NFL Network, but thankfully, they will be pulling the local feed, and not using Ari Wolfe and Kurt Warner. We have been saved!

Tonight's games include (all times pacific):

Patriots vs. Eagles - 4:30 p.m. - NFL Network
Saints vs. Titans - 5 p.m.
Raiders vs. Lions - 7 p.m.
Seahawks vs. Chargers - 7:30 p.m. - NFL Network

I'm sure some will catch the Seahawks, but that Patriots-Eagles game could be fun. Well, at least for the first quarter or two. If you want to watch all four games, check out's Preseason Live.