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Golden Nuggets: Jim Harbaugh apparently really likes Blaine Gabbert

Saturday, August 16, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Rob Carr

Good morning everyone.The 49ers open up Levi's Stadium on Sunday against the Broncos and it should be awesome. Not the game mind you. I'm sure it will be almost unwatchable after Kap exits. Maybe one preseason game isn't enough time to learn to loath severely dislike a player, but I might be approaching that point with Blaine Gabbert. I hated severely disliked him as a prospect in 2011, and had no idea why everyone seemed to be in love with him. Nobody really knew who Aldon Smith was on draft night, but I was doing somersaults and my own special dance (which will never be revealed) over the fact that we bucked the "obvious" route and didn't go QB first.

Jeff Garcia would apparently like a shot at backing up Colin Kaepernick. My first reaction, as I'm sure everyone elses was "Stay retired you old fool!" Then, after a moment or two, we remember who is currently backing up Colin Kaepernick. Suddenly, the idea of a 44 year old Jeff Garcia doesn't sound too bad. I know it has absolutely no chance of happening, but I would love it for sentimental reasons alone. I was an elementary school kid when Steve Young went down. So when I finally started really watching Football, Jeff Garcia and Terrell Owens were the stars of the team. Maybe, it would be just so I could feel like a kid once more, but the I don't hate the idea of Jeff Garcia getting one last run. As for Jim Harbaugh's praise of Blaine Gabbert yesterday, I really don't put much stock into that. I saw somebody say it on twitter, but it's just in Harbaugh's nature to talk a guy up even if its total BS, rather than drag anyone down. Anyways...To the links!

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