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49ers to introduce weekly honorary foghorn person

The San Francisco 49ers are creating a new tradition at Levi's Stadium involving their fog horn.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have officially moved into Levi's Stadium, closing out their time at historic Candlestick Park. There are countless memories from the Stick, and the 49ers will look to build a whole new host of memories in their new stadium.

The team is using the move as an opportunity to start a new tradition. The team introduced a foghorn in 1994, and it has been brought down to Levi's Stadium. Starting Sunday, a special guest will be chosen each week to get blow the foghorn prior to kickoff. The first person to do this will be Jim McKnight. He is the Chief Electrical Engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge, and a lifelong 49ers fan.

Obviously this is a little bit like what the Seattle Seahawks do with their 12th Man Flag, but I like the idea of having the honorary foghorn person (foghorn blower just sounds a little dirty!).