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Alex Boone turned down contract offer from 49ers, per Gil Brandt

The San Francisco 49ers reportedly offered a contract to Alex Boone, and Boone apparently turned it down. We break down what Gil Brandt's tweet means and doesn't mean.

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Fooch's Update: And so the conflicting info continues

NFL Network's Gil Brandt provided some interesting details on the Alex Boone holdout situation. According to Brandt, the San Francisco 49ers offered Boone a contract that would have made him a top-12 paid guard.

This is new information, but it lacks important details. Primarily, we do not know what exactly it means by "top 12-paid OG." Does that mean top 12 in new money, base salary, guaranteed money, total deal value, or something else?

My guess is that someone with the 49ers leaked this information. While it shows the 49ers will in fact negotiate with someone holding out (which is not exactly an ideal revelation for the 49ers), it also could be interpreted to show the 49ers are willing to give him a bit of a boost in pay. You can check out the top paid guards at Over The Cap. The No. 12 guard had $5.2 million in cash spent (Josh Sitton). In terms of total value, Evan Mathis was No. 2 with an APY of $5.1 million per year. Kyle Long was No. 12 with $7.5 million in total guaranteed money (over multiple years).

Assuming Gil Brandt is correct, the only thing this tweet concretely reveals is that the 49ers have made an offer to Alex Boone. Other than that, we can't make much more of this. So if you think turning down "Top-12" money makes Boone greedy, hold off on screaming that until we actually know what "Top 12" means.