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Browns vs. Washington, MNF: Johnny Manziel vs. RG3 for all the nothingness!

Your preseason Week 2 Monday Night Football open thread, featuring Cleveland and Washington.

TJ Root

Monday Night Football officially "returns" with its first preseason game. The Cleveland Browns travel to our nation's capital to face off against Washington. It provides us with a pair of high profile young quarterbacks as Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III meet for the first time. Quarterbacks really don't face each other, and it's even less so with limited snaps in the preseason, but it's still two quarterbacks around whom the NFL will continue building their brand.

The 49ers will get a chance to take on RG3 later this year when they host Washington Week 12. That game is four days before their Thanksgiving showdown with the Seattle Seahawks. It would be kind of nice to see the 49ers take a big lead against Washington, and then get a chance to rest their starters in advance of the Seahawks game. I won't hold my breath on that, as I think Washington will be fairly solid. But a man can hope!