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49ers sign Glenn Dorsey to 2-year contract extension

The San Francisco 49ers announced that defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey signed a 2-year contract extension. This is an interesting decision given his current biceps injury.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have taken care of some business, and it is an interesting one. The team announced they have signed defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey to a 2-year contract extension. Terms of the deal have not been released.

This extension is interesting for a pair of reasons. The first is he was coming up on free agency after this season, and I don't think anybody could tell if he was going to be back. The team has some young talent at nose tackle and behind Justin Smith and Ray McDonald. Dorsey just turned 29, so it's not like he's incredibly young anymore. The team obviously likes what he can do, and I'd imagine they could get him extended at a fairly reasonable rate.

The other reason this is interesting is because the 49ers have not decided on his status for the upcoming season. Dorsey tore his biceps muscle earlier this month. It is reported to be a clean tear, and the team is now trying to decide if they should place him on IR for the rest of the season, or place him on short term IR to bring back later in the year.

They cannot place him on short term IR until September 2. If they think he can make it back in time for December or January, short term IR is a perfect option. He could be a huge infusion of fresh talent late in the season when the defensive line is wearing down. This announcement would seem like good news about the status of his injury.