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Steve Young talks Charles Haley, Joe Montana and more 3 years ago

The Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony is currently underway, and unfortunately there are no 49ers getting the highest honor. It's cool to see some all-time greats get the call, however, so hopefully you're enjoying that.

If you want to see a 49ers Hall of Famer, I came across this video recently. It features Steve Young on Dan LeBatard's show, Highly Questionable. It's three years old, but it's still a fun watch. I don't recall seeing this before, but it's possible some of you have already seen it.

Either way, it's worth another watch. Young talks about Joe Montana, he provides a story about Charles Haley that most of us have heard in one form or another, and so much more.

Given that we're into the evening, feel free to use this as an open thread.