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49ers, Ravens cancel Friday, August 8 joint practice

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens will no longer conduct a joint practice on August 8. The CBA restricts a certain number of consecutive days of practice/team activities, and so the two teams will skip the day.


The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens will officially square off one less time than previously anticipated. The two teams were scheduled to conduct four joint practices after their Thursday preseason opener, but the Friday, August 8 joint practice has been cancelled. That practice was going to be conducted at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, and was going to be open to the public. The remaining three practices will be held at the Ravens facility in Owings Mills, MD, and are closed to the public

The practice was cancelled due to CBA rules regarding consecutive days of practice. The 49ers have today off, and then will have three straight days of practice, travel to Baltimore the afternoon of the third practice, then a mock game on Wednesday, followed by the game on Thursday. I can't find the specifics on how the consecutive days rules work, but it is something connected to that.

I'll be going up to Baltimore for the Ravens game, and had previously planned on going up for the open practice as well. Since that won't work, it'll just be the one day for me. I'll be posting a FanPost later this weekend to see who else will be in attendance for that game.