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Colin Kaepernick talks contracts, game plan, Joe Looney

49ers QB Colin Kaepernick met with the media Tuesday afternoon. We've got a transcript of his discussion, which included preseason game-planning, his contract and the salary cap, and more.

Ezra Shaw

The San Francisco 49ers were back at practice on Tuesday, and Jim Harbaugh and Colin Kaepernick each addressed the media. I posted Coach Harbaugh's transcript last night, and wanted to post Kap's today.

Kap did not go into much detail on any of the questions, but we got a few notable comments. When asked about getting into gear in the preseason, he mentioned how the 49ers do not game plan for preseason games. He said they go out, call plays, and make the best of it. They've used the scout team to show what the opposing team might do, but it sounds like that is mostly just so they have an idea of what they will see on game day. They don't necessarily draw up an extensive game plan looking to exploit specific weaknesses.

Kap was asked about his contract and the idea that it would open the door for other deals. Naturally the question was about Alex Boone in particular. Kap simply said it was up to the front office how they would use the space his contract made available. We've seen them use some of it on Joe Staley and Glenn Dorsey's new deals. We'll see if they use some of it for a Michael Crabtree extension.

I guess the big question is this time of year you want to know how much stock you should put into what we've seen so far in two games. Different approaches every summer obviously.

"Well, we don't game plan for preseason games, So, you go out, you call plays, and you make the best out of them."

So the answer is we shouldn't put too much stock in what we've seen so far.

"I'll let you be the judge of that."

Are there things in this third game coming up that you want to accomplish with that first-team offense, things that you would like to see done before the regular season?

"Just establish a rhythm. I think that's the biggest thing we need to get right now."

What's your sense of why you haven't been able to do that? I know it hasn't been much time on the field together in games.

"Missed a couple passes here and there. Other than that, I feel like our offensive line is doing a great job. [RB] Carlos [Hyde] has come in, ran well. [RB] Frank [Gore] ran well. Just a couple plays here and there."

Traditionally the third preseason game is what team's use as a dry run for a regular season game. That being said, is that kind of what you guys are looking forward to, just establishing a rhythm in this third preseason game?

"Yeah, we're going to try and get in a rhythm in every game that we play. How much we play is going to be determined by coach."

What have you seen from G Joe Looney from one preseason game to the next and he's talked just about getting those reps being a big reason he's made some strides?

"Yeah, he's constantly improving. He's doing very well for us. He came in last year for us and played well. So, I think he's someone that we have confidence in and the more time he's on the field, the more confidence we have."

Did you get a chance to reach out to WR Michael Crabtree having the birth of his first son and what have you seen from Michael in camp overall?

"Didn't talk to him last night. I wanted to give him a little time, but get to talk to him today. He's looked great through camp. He's been out there. He's been making plays. Excited to have him out there healthy."

With your foot injury last year, did that require any offseason surgery and how's it feeling now?

"No surgery, just rest."

How's it feeling now and are you feeling faster than--?

"It's a non-factor. It's a year-old injury now."

Did you feel it at all in the NFC Championship Game?


This is a question I'm sure you've fielded a couple times already, but it seems with your offensive personnel, it lends itself to passing a little bit more than you have in the past. Is that something you see too given the wide receivers you have?

"We'll have the opportunity and the personnel to pass more. Now whether we do or not is going to be decided by game plan and coach's decision."

Another question for you. You said after you signed your extension there would be money to sign other guys and give the team some flexibility. I realize the G/T Alex Boone  contract situation is a sensitive topic, but would you like to see some of that money go to paying Alex Boone?

"I think that's something that the front office, that's their decision. For me, I try to do something where we gave them space to be able to get players back. Now, who they sign and what they do with it is really up to them."

It's such a minor detail, but talking to K Phil Dawson and P Andy Lee, they're obviously learning the wind patterns in Levi's® Stadium. It's not what they expected. But even for a quarterback, are there things you need to adjust to when you're talking a game of inches and timing, especially when you go on the deep balls with [WR] Brandon [Lloyd] and other receivers?

"Yeah, a little bit, but at the same time, it can change very quickly. So, it's something you just have to pay attention to as you go through a game and as you go through a season."

Did you have any issues with the actually field in different spots where maybe it sunk a little or--?

"I didn't have any problems with it."