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Test your knowledge of Jim Harbaugh phrases

We've found a fun Jim Harbaugh quiz to get you through the evening.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Barrows has put together a fun quiz that I figured was worth turning into an open thread for the evening. The interactive quiz asks, "How well do you speak Harbaugh's language?" You go through and answer nine questions, figuring out which of four phrases matches up with a description. If you have problems with a required log-in (Sac Bee is changing their requirements to read content), try a different browser. In Chrome it asks me to sign up to read the article, while in Firefox it does not require me to sign up.

The quiz is fun, as it hits on several Harbaugh-isms we know, and a couple that are a little more under the radar. I managed an 8 out of 9, missing the second one. Go in and take the quiz, and let us know your score. At the bottom of the quiz, Barrows includes a quick example of when Harbaugh used a given phrase.