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Anthony Davis in full uniform for practice for 1st time this offseason

San Francisco's starting right tackle is getting closer to returning.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis was at practice on Friday, and in full uniform. As all of the beat writers reported: this is the first time Davis has suited up -- in full -- at practice this offseason. It's the first time since offseason shoulder surgery. He played through last season with the injury, which was sustained in Week 3, and now he seems close to returning.

We won't know the full details as to Davis' practice participation, if he'll play in the preseason at all and things like that for awhile now, but him returning to practice at all is great. What the 49ers need on the offensive line right now is consistency, and Davis is pretty consistent.

Davis has developed into an above-average right tackle, whose strengths and weaknesses are well-known. He'll certainly be an upgrade over Jonathan Martin, who stepped into his role throughout training camp. Seeing Joe Looney and Martin man the right side of the line has been promising at times and disastrous at others, though that's more due to Martin than Looney.

Hopefully, Davis can practice more and more and be ready to go for the regular season. He's started 64 consecutive games, and has said that he plans to be reader for the aforementioned opener against the Dallas Cowboys on Sept. 7. This will push Martin to a backup role, though whether or not he starts to take some snaps at guard will be particularly interesting.