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Colin Kaepernick does not appear too concerned about the 49ers preseason offensive struggles

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick spoke with Erin Andrews after Sunday's game, and she was quick to ask him about the team's offensive struggles. The 49ers offense finally got their first touchdowns of the preseason, but both came with the backup quarterbacks on the field. In three games, Colin Kaepernick is 12 of 22 for 115 yards. Kap did not scramble the first two games, but in the third game we saw him run, and we saw him take some tough hits.

Here's what Kap had to say about the offense:

Plenty of people have been getting upset over the first string offense's performance. Before the game, Randy Moss was on the FOX set talking about how important this game was, and how if they struggled again, he would expect significant struggles during the season.

I don't think the preseason is entirely useless, but I do think concerns at this point are overblown. We might find out in hindsight that worries were justified, but I just don't see the value of getting too upset over it at this point. If they struggle against a porous Dallas defense, or a shaky Bears defense, then people can get upset. And I know some people now will say they can clearly see the problems ahead. However, we've already seen multiple FanPosts and Bill Barnwell's discussion of how unimportant the preseason really can be.

Sure, it is easy to get frustrated when this is all we have to watch. But I remain comfortable with where this offense will be Week 1 against the Dallas Cowboys. I based that on the combination of what we've seen in the past, and the influx of talent now. The loss of Alex Boone is nothing to sneeze at. I get that. But once we see the rest of that line together with the return of Anthony Davis at right tackle, I think it will be able to do the job. I think the offense will be fine.

And it would appear members of the 49ers first string offense are not overly concerned about it at this point.