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Marcus Martin injury: Expected to miss 8 weeks, per Eric Branch

The 49ers could be without offensive lineman Marcus Martin for two months. We take a look at their next decision.

Thearon W. Henderson

Eric Branch is all over the Marcus Martin injury, providing a new update this afternoon. According to Branch's source, the 49ers are expecting Martin to miss approximately eight weeks. Based on what we discussed this morning, that timeline would indicate this is a full dislocation but no ligament damage. Jim Harbaugh met with the media this afternoon, and while he would not go into much detail about Martin's MRI, he did say it was not an ACL injury.

The next question will be how the 49ers handle Martin on the roster. They cannot use the PUP list since this happened during camp, and not before camp. The 49ers can use their short term injured reserved spot on Martin, but then they would not be able to use it on Glenn Dorsey. If a player is placed on short term IR, they have to stay on the list for a minimum of eight weeks.

The short term IR cannot be used until September 2. That is a little over a week from now. Based on the suggested eight week recovery, Martin would seemingly be ready to come off the short term IR right pretty much right away. It makes more sense to use the spot on Dorsey than Martin. Dorsey is looking at a 3+ month recovery, putting him back on the time in mid-November or December. An 8-week recovery for Martin puts him back on the field around the end of October or beginning of November. That would mean at least a few weeks of carrying Dorsey as an inactive, rather than leaving him on short term IR and getting the free roster spot.

The 49ers still could decide to place Dorsey on regular IR, but Coach Harbaugh was optimistic the team would be able to use the short term IR option for him. That too will be an interesting decision. Since the move cannot happen until September 2, the 49ers would have to carry Dorsey for a few days after final roster cuts on August 30. That means they'll cut down to 53 players including Dorsey on Saturday, and then need to sign someone on or after Tuesday once they place Dorsey on short term IR. I'm sure they could tell someone on Saturday that they'll be back on Tuesday once Dorsey is on short term IR, but maybe another opportunity comes along and the player decides to go elsewhere. Who knows how it will play out, but it's an interesting little bit of roster tinkering.