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Pete Carroll, Seahawks disciplined for excessively physical practices

The Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll have been fined and had 2015 practices docked for excessively physical practices earlier this year. I am easily amused by this.

No cheating here, no sir!
No cheating here, no sir!
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves, right?

Earlier this afternoon, word came out that the Seattle Seahawks and head coach Pete Carroll have been fined $300,000 and docked a pair of practices for unsuitable contact in June practices. Seahawks players will still be paid for those session. That link is to a Field Gulls article that gives a good explanation of the situation. They mention a minicamp fight between Richard Sherman and Phil Bates as instigation the investigation. The NFL reviewed footage related to that and deemed practices too physical.

One of the things players pushed for in the last CBA negotiation was fewer practices and less physical practices. This resulted in more specific guidelines in Article 21 about the offseason workout program.

In reality, I'm pretty sure the Seahawks are not the only team getting overly physical in practice. They just happened to get caught (sounds familiar!). That being said, it doesn't mean we still can't poke the bear a little bit on this one. There's a few "Cheathawks" jokes to be made. It will be forgotten eventually, and we can move on to just worrying about beating Seattle when it matters. But for now, joke away!