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Centerplate announces discipline for CEO Desmond Hague

Centerplate announced punishment imposed on CEO Desmond Hague for his actions in disgusting abuse of a dog. I'm a little skeptical about this.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Centerplate issued a press release regarding the discipline imposed on CEO Desmond Hague. For those who missed it, Hague was caught on tape repeatedly kicking a dog in an elevator. There are also reports of horrific living conditions at his, leaving a dog in its crate, surrounded by the stench of its own urine with its food and water bowls out of reach.

Centerplate is requiring Hague donate $100,000 to create a foundation in the name of the abused dog. He also must do 1,000 hours of community service in support of an organization that serves to protect the welfare and safety of animals. Here is the full press release. Additionally, he is being given a written censure, and is placed on indefinite probation that states any further acts of misconduct would result in immediate termination.

While I am glad there is some discipline being imposed, this still strikes me as yet another example of a rich corporate executive buying his way out of trouble. He does still face potential criminal charges, and I will keep an eye on that moving forward. However, I would not be surprised if that gets swept under the rug as well.

There are so many problems with this situation it makes my head hurt. We have the issue of the living conditions, as well as the fact that he kicked the dog repeatedly. And then he said a minor frustration with the dog caused him to repeatedly kick her. So, apparently it was the dog's fault that Hague kicked it. Based on what we know, this is a man with serious emotional issues, and consider me skeptical that paying money and doing community service will change him from the awful person he currently is.

It is certainly a step in the right direction, but it is hard for me to be all that pleased with this outcome.