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What are your favorite 49ers-related fantasy football team names?

One of the fun parts of fantasy football is coming up with a team name. What are some of your favorite 49ers-related names?

Rob Carr

It's been a looooong day with the Aldon Smith suspension news putting a bit of a damper on things for people. We will have plenty more reaction to that news, along with roster cuts, but I figured now might be the time for something a little more laid back. I had this post prepped for a couple days now, and this afternoon seems as good a time as any to roll it out.

The 2014 NFL season kicks off in less than a week, which means you either have drafted your fantasy football team, or will draft one soon. Either way, you probably already have a team name in mind. I wanted to see what people had in mind for their team names this year. I usually stick with a fairly similar one. In one league, I decided to mix it up, and I grabbed the "Hyde Yo Kids, Hyde Yo Wife" name Jesse Robards used down below. I asked people about this on Twitter, and these were the responses. Let me know your favorite fantasy team names for the 2014 season. I was asking for 49ers specific, but you're welcome to share other good ones.