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NFL suspension tracker: Jerome Simpson the latest to hear from the league

The NFL is slowly getting suspensions handed out. The latest is Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers continue to wait for word from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding Aldon Smith's potential suspension. The league has been handing down punishment, but it seemingly moves along at a glacial pace. On Wednesday, the NFL announced Gordon's suspension was upheld on appeal. Earlier this morning, the NFL announced Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson has been suspended 3 games for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.

Aldon Smith is awaiting word on a suspension connected to his DUI and gun charges that were recently settled in court. Although Simpson was dealing with a DUI case of his own, his suspension came under the substance abuse policy and not the personal conduct policy. It is my understanding that Smith's potential suspension would be decided under the personal conduct policy.

It is a fuzzy area at times. Smith had his 2012 DUI (knocked down to reckless driving), which makes him a repeat offender. However, if one is under the substance abuse policy, and the other is under the personal conduct policy, that could explain the delay. Any negotiation between the NFL and Aldon Smith's representatives could be slowed down because there are two separate policies in play here.

For now, we are left to wait. This is being published a little after noon pacific time on Friday, which gives the league just over 24 hours to get a decision announced. All parties involved apparently expect it to be in by then, which only makes sense given the roster cuts affected by this.