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NFL roster cuts 2014: Seahawks release Terrelle Pryor

The Seattle Seahawks have reportedly released quarterback Terrelle Pryor. The 49ers had interest in him earlier this year. Might they still have interest?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Final roster cuts are under way around the NFL, and some notable names are finding themselves out of a job. The latest news is that the Seattle Seahawks are releasing Terrelle Pryor. The Seahawks traded a seventh round pick for Pryor, but will stick with Tarvaris Jackson, and potentially B.J. Daniels, behind Russell Wilson.

When the Seahawks made the trade for Pryor, Pro Football Talk reported the San Francisco 49ers had also expressed interest in Pryor. Considering the Seahawks got him for a 7th round pick, my guess is the 49ers were only offering a conditional seventh to the Raiders. The 49ers were picking two spots ahead of Seattle in the seventh round, so that is the only thing that makes sense.

Pryor will now go through the waivers process, allowing the other 31 NFL teams to place a claim. The 49ers could decide to grab him, but I doubt it happens. Jim Harbaugh might think he can turn Pryor into something, but I don't expect the 49ers to push Baalke to claim Pryor. If this was earlier in the preseason, maybe it would make sense. But if the 49ers claim him, it is basically with the intention of keeping him on the 53-man roster for at least a short period of time. It just seems like a waste at this point.

The 49ers have not yet made any roster cuts. We know they will have a roster exemption while Aldon Smith serves his suspension. But other than that, we will wait for more news. In the meantime, check out SB Nation's list of all the players who have been cut thus far.