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49ers among Reddit 'hated' teams for Pacific Northwest, Midwest, Australia

Why does Australia hate us?!?!

Reddit User KMHokie35

I've often spoken of the awesomeness of Reddit. It can be all over the place at times, but it provides some interesting things, whether it be pictures, video, or aggregated data. The last one is interesting because of the huge community at Reddit. A Reddit user recently asked other users who their least favorite sports teams were, and he compiled "hate maps" covering the United States, and across the world.

It should surprise nobody that the San Francisco 49ers showed up as the most hated NFL team in and around the Pacific Northwest, while the Seattle Seahawks were the most hated NFL team in California, Nevada and Utah. It was also random that the 49ers showed up as the most hated team in Nebraska and Iowa.

The most random thing, however, was the global map. On the picture above, you can scroll between three versions of the hate map. The world one shows the 49ers as the most hated team in Australia. I have no idea why that would be, unless some Pacific Northwest fans happened to relocated over there. It's kind of amusing.