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Frank Gore taking Carlos Hyde under his wing [Photo]

Frank Gore is taking Carlos Hyde under his wing, and we've got the photographic evidence to prove it!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This picture is a few days old, but I wanted to make sure everybody got a chance to see it. Frank Gore is not on Twitter, but he does have an Instagram account. He shared this picture with the caption, "Good day for the RB". It is Gore with an arm around the shoulder of rookie running back Carlos Hyde.

Although Gore is the No. 1 back, Carlos Hyde will be getting a lot of work this preseason. Kendall Hunter is out for the year, and LaMichael James will be sidelined most of the preseason. That leaves, Gore, Hyde, Jewel Hampton, and Alfonso Smith. Gore will get little to no work in the four preseason games, which means Hyde, Hampton, and Smith are going to be getting all kinds of work. We don't want to see Hyde wear down in the preseason, but given that he is young and has little tread on his tires, I think he can handle the workload.

Speaking of Hyde, Cam Inman had a great article today about the rookie running back. It's an interesting read.