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49ers field at Levi's Stadium is just about re-sodded again

The San Francisco 49ers have just about wrapped up re-sodding their field. We take a look at where things stand.

Ezra Shaw

While we have been busy figuring out the San Francisco 49ers roster cuts, the team has had its grass people just a little bit busy. The team began re-sodding the field earlier this week, digging up the current grass, and replacing it with fresh sod. The previous version was a temporary replacement after the first bit of sod came up due to problems with the sand/soil mixture underneath. The turf came up during practice before the team's preseason game against the San Diego Chargers, and a temporary solution was implemented.

The team is just about wrapped up putting the new sod down. A Bay Area resident took a tour of Levi's Stadium earlier today, and tweeted out some pictures of the field.

Levi's Stadium is hosting a soccer match between Mexico and Chile on Saturday, September 6. The full sod will have had seven ays to get situated. After the soccer match, there will be another eight days before the 49ers home opener on Sunday Night Football. Last week, socalisteph discussed how one source indicated the grass might need as many as ten days to settle in.

It will be interesting to see what the soccer game does to the turf, but with eight days after that, the facility should have enough time to get it completely squared away for the opener. It's been a bumpy ride, but hopefully it's smooth sailing moving forward.