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49ers practice squad, waiver tracker 2014

We will be tracking the San Francisco 49ers practice squad and waiver moves throughout Sunday


The San Francisco 49ers decided to make a normally busy last Sunday of the preseason that much busier. Ray McDonald was arrested, Alex Boone is expected to report back.....our pets HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!

But seriously, while all that news continues to roll along, the 49ers do have roster moves to make today. After cutting down to the 53-man roster, waivers ran today at 9 a.m. PT. There is no word yet on any 49ers waivers claims, but we'll be keeping an eye out for that. Additionally, teams could officially begin signing players to their practice squad at 9 a.m. A team does not have to sign their entire 10-man practice squad at this point. In case you forgot the practice squad rules, give THIS a read.

[10:46 a.m.] - A couple updates

[10:17 a.m.] - Asante Cleveland to the practice squad.

[10:12 a.m.] - Darryl Morris claimed.

[10:05 a.m.] - Lawrence Okoye is sticking around.

[10:02 a.m.] - Welp, there goes Glenn Winston.

[9:51 a.m.] - We have our first claim of a 49ers release. The Cleveland Browns have reportedly claimed offensive lineman Ryan Seymour.