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Ray McDonald comments on arrest as he leaves jail

Ray McDonald was arrested early Sunday morning for suspicion of felony domestic violence, and as he departed Santa Clara County Jail, he had some comments. People have posted tweets of the comments in other threads, but the video above is some raw video from KTVU.

The reporter and cameraman followed Ray McDonald as he left the jail, and eventually got some basic comments on the situation, starting around the 2:10 mark. He said it was a crazy situation, and the truth would come out. He mentioned that it might come out in the next few days, but clearly there is no specific timeline on how this will all play out.

All we know is that an incident happened at his house late Saturday evening into early Sunday morning. According to Matt Barrows, police arrived and after seeing McDonald's pregnant fiancee with "minor bruises" on her arms and neck, they arrested McDonald without incident.

At some point we'll learn more about what happened, but it remains to be seen how much we'll learn. The legal system can be a slow developing process, and depending on how this shakes out, who knows what will come out. Thankfully most people in the comments have recognized this as more than just about football. I've gotten some tweets from people complaining about the football side of things. None of that matters while this is being resolved. The neck bruising makes me a little skeptical about self-defense as a reason, but that's why we have to wait and see what the folks bring forth. If it turns out McDonald did attack his pregnant fiancee, he should be cut. If there is more to the story, well, we'll see. There is not enough information out there to say anything with absolute certainty.