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Photos, video from 49ers training camp open practice

We've got a collection of photos and video from the San Francisco 49ers open practice, held Monday afternoon at Levi's Stadium.

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The San Francisco 49ers had their first open practice of training camp on Monday, and it marked the first open training camp in I believe at least four years. The 49ers have been constructing Levi's Stadium the last couple years, and that has led to plenty of construction mayhem right next to the 49ers facility. Now that the stadium is open, it provides a great place to conduct the open practice.

The team handed out 10,000 tickets to the event, and given the prevalence of social media, there are a lot of pictures and video. I thought I'd post some of them here just to give folks a taste of the new stadium. We'll open with some pictures and video by the beat writers down on the field, and then move on to some stuff posted by fans at the stadium