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49ers sports bars 2014: Where to watch the game

We take a look at sports bars where people can view 49ers games in San Francisco, the Bay area and around the country/world.

McTeague's Saloon

The 2014 NFL preseason is officially underway, and the San Francisco 49ers are going to be opening preseason play on Thursday against the Baltimore Ravens. Most preseason games are only regionally broadcast, with the occasional NFL Network replay. The 49ers will actually have a decent amount of live coverage, with NFL Network broadcasting their first two games, against the Ravens and Broncos, and then FOX carrying their third game against the Chargers.

Whether you get NFL Network or not, you might want to watch the 49ers at a 49ers-specific bar. I get a lot of questions about it on Twitter and in the comments here, so I figured, once again, we would open up a thread for people to discuss viewing locations in San Francisco, the greater Bay Area, around the country and really anywhere in the world if it suits you.

This process is fairly simple. If you know a good place to watch games, post as follows. In the subject line, list city (and state if it's not a big city). In the comment, explain the bar and include a link about the place if you can.

If you are looking for a place to watch the game and aren't seeing your city mentioned, post a comment stating your city. If you are from that city, or simply know a good place there, REPLY to that comment.

The idea of all this is to keep it as structured as much as humanly possible. So, if you are going to post a place, or you are going to ask about a city, please check through the comments first.

This is strictly for sports bars. We'll have another post on how best to get to the game, and a third on things to do in San Francisco. I want to keep this as organized as possible to make it easy for people looking around. I'll organize this in a story stream so all these posts will be together in one place.

As always, to get things started, the picture above shows McTeague's Saloon. I don't live in San Francisco anymore, but it was always a fun bar to watch 49ers games. It is on Polk between Bush and Sutter. That puts it on the edge of the Tenderloin and Lower Nob Hill. Some call the area Polk Gulch, others call it the Tendernob. But it's a fun bar.

Post away, including bars around the Bay Area that you like!