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Jim Harbaugh talks Ravens practices, injuries, Anquan Boldin

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh conducted a press conference on Monday, and had plenty to discuss. We've got a transcript for you.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media Monday afternoon following the team's open practice at Levi's Stadium. It was a fairly extensive press conference, although as usual, Coach Harbaugh did not provide much in the way of detail. He talked about some of the injured players, and he danced around what he said to Anquan Boldin on Friday when he booted Boldin from practice. He also talked about the upcoming week with the Ravens, which features the Thursday game, and then three practices Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

The most amusing Harbaugh-esque comment related to home field advantage. He was asked about home field advantage at Candlestick and the new stadium, and just establishing home field at Levi's Stadium. He talked about wanting to mark their territory, and make it a home field advantage.

"Well, you want to mark your territory. We wanted to do that. We don't want to look at it as just a possibility, we want to make it a home field advantage. I think we have the players to do that. And right now, getting used to the environment, the wind, the grass, sightlines, those are the main things. We've always counted on our crowd to be behind us and they always are. Hopefully we'll play good and they're behind us and we'll do just that, make it a great home field advantage like Candlestick was."

How was the energy for practice in front of crowds?

"Good. It was good. Tried to slow them down a little bit especially at the beginning of practice, be in control. New grass surface, and want our guys to get their feet under them, get used to it. It's me (being) overly cautious. But I think that was the right thing to do."

Is that why you guys did so much scout team stuff, kind of slow the tempo down?

"No, that wasn't for that reason. We've got a game on Thursday. We have some preparation started for the [Baltimore] Ravens."

Were you able to use that giant screen to help you kind of watch the practice session yourself?

"I glanced up at it a few times."

It's always nice this time of camp to break the monotony for the players to have fans watch practice, right?

"I think so, yes. No question about it. Adds to the energy, yes."

How did you find the grass and surface?

"Really good, really good. Players commented. It's a little bit different than our grass field at the practice field, little bit more Bermuda in it. Thought it was good, really good traction. A lot of people were happy. I don't know."

It's like putting a new golf course with different sight lines, you know, for quarterbacks, receivers seeing the ball travel in a different environment. Does that help practicing today like that?

"Yes. That's what we've got to get used to, the way we're used to Candlestick [Park] - the grass there, the sightlines there, the wind, sun, angles, all those things. Got to get used to this stadium, this surface, what the flags do, where the wind blows. That's the main reason for practicing here."

Have you gotten any further report on DL Glenn Dorsey after surgery to try to figure out what the time table might be?

"I have not."

On that subject, how big of a blow is it to the team, to the defense to see him sustain something like that?

"That was definitely a big blow. He was playing really good, had himself in great shape ready for the season. It's tough luck. That's a bad break."

You've talked about how big the steps are for second-year players entering their second season, their second camp. Have you seen those type of steps from WR Quinton Patton?

"Yes, yes. Seen a lot of good things from Quinton Patton. I've always seen a competitive, very competitive individual and talented. Likes to practice, likes to make tough catches, etc. He's stayed healthy this entire offseason and training camp, and he's starting to stack good practice after good practice. Consistently good. It's a great step."

Do you plan on signing another running back?

"Yes, there's talk of that, yes. We worked out a youngster today, and I'm not sure if he's signed yet or not. It's a good possibility that he is. Will be going after practice here and check that out."

Is the move in part because you need an extra body?

"Yes. That's 100 percent the reason. Getting to the point where we're practicing with about 69 guys, 69 healthy guys, to my count today. Three of those are kickers and one is a long snapper, so, 65 bodies or so. We need guys, and it's not just the chance to play running back, all that the football game is going to entail - running down on kickoffs, punts, special teams. It's a great chance for another youngster to compete. I think our team needed that."

Did RB Carlos Hyde just jam a finger or a fingernail on that kickoff?


Did it come right off?

"No, it didn't come off. A little bloody around the edges."

Any updated time table on WR Michael Crabtree and WR Brandon Lloyd?

"No, don't have an updated time table there."

Is Crabtree, is he here, rehabilitating?


We just haven't seen him.

"He's here. In meetings, working out."

Will you take all the guys to Baltimore, like Crabtree and Lloyd, and the injured guys, or will they remain here and rehab?

"They're going to go with us."

Have you decided how much the starters will play, like how long QB Colin Kaepernick or RB Frank Gore will play?

"I have a good idea. Colin will be a couple drives at the most. Could have one drive, it goes really well,  and say, ‘That's it right there'. Could have two drives. Won't be much more than that."

And you guys aren't going to be practicing on Friday, right?

"No, were not."

You're not doing that Wounded Warriors game either then?


And then, the Saturday, Sunday, Monday practices, are they full-on scrimmages or is it just position versus position, have you figured it out?

"A lot like the practices that you saw today. Not full-on scrimmages, no."

Is there a concern when you practice against another team? It's nice to face somebody else, but yet you don't have the control you do as a head coach facing somebody else's team and their tempo.

"Yeah. It's something that, everybody's going to have the same mindset, both teams are going to have the mindset that we're here to get good work. When it comes to practice, they are drills, they are practice drills. What we'll say to our ball club is we're going to treat that ball club like it's our ball club. Our goal is going to be to take care of them like we would be taking care of each other when our offense is going against their defense. I'm sure that the Ravens will have the same approach that we're here for good work. That's the goal. That's the purpose."

How much do you work with your brother on designing those practices?

"Yeah, working with him. Input both ways. We got it knocked out. I think we have a good plan and goals for good work."

So, you've already got the practice schedules set?


How much did you look at Candlestick as a home field advantage? How much do you look at this early stage as a possible home field advantage? Is it just the crowd itself being the advantage or the facilities and all of the stuff that comes with this?

"Well, you want to mark your territory. We wanted to do that. We don't want to look at it as just a possibility, we want to make it a home field advantage. I think we have the players to do that. And right now, getting used to the environment, the wind, the grass, sightlines, those are the main things. We've always counted on our crowd to be behind us and they always are. Hopefully we'll play good and they're behind us and we'll do just that, make it a great home field advantage like Candlestick was."

Can you just give us an idea of what kind of message you had with WR Anquan Boldin after Friday's practice?

"No. I always like to think of those as between me and the player and not for public consumption. I mean, Anquan Boldin, there's no more special practice player in all of football that I've ever seen. Special the way he practices. Special the way he loves making the tough catch and competing at practice. There's nobody more special than him when it comes to practicing football."

Was one of the things that the officials talked about though was watching how players are on the field in terms of temper and whether that's a concern with Anquan?

"No. Anquan's a great pro.

Is what a player does in a preseason game weighted more than maybe what they do in practice? Is it even? How would you categorize the impact that they can make in a game versus practice?

"I think all fit into the puzzle. I don't know that there's one, that a game is such a percentage. How many practices add up to what a game is. But a game is a game. That's very important. We want to win and we want to see our guys play well and we want to see them go out and execute. Those are the things we look for and who can take it from the practice field to the game environment and be successful. Ultimately that's what we keep track of."

Why didn't CB Chris Culliver practice today?

"He had a little something that was bothering him and I thought it to prudent to not go full-go today. He did participate a little bit in individual. Just cautious, being smart."

What was bothering him?

"He had a little something. I just never feel like it's my duty to report every symptom, ache, pain."

With Glenn Dorsey out, who was looking to step in there today? Who made the biggest impression on you?

"Well, there's quite a few at the nose tackle position. [NT] Mike Purcell's been playing very well. [DT] Quinton Dial's been in the mix at that position. [NT] Ian William's still a possibility at the time that he comes back. Right now the guys that are in there and are playing are Purcell and Quinton Dial who are getting the shots. And the proven player there is [DT] Tony Jerod-Eddie. So, we've got players for that position who will be fighting for that spot."

Do you still enjoy competing against your brother?

"I enjoy competing. I enjoy competing. I think the thing that we're going to be doing Thursday night is exactly that. You're competing. It's what it is. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we're joining forces, working together to make both of our ball clubs better."

Will you be able to get any personal time with him while you're out there? Will your families get together or anything like that?

"I hope so. I've got to see [his niece] Alison [Harbaugh] because her birthday's August 10th. So, hopefully I'll get a chance to. I hope I get a chance. I'll take the try out of it and deliver the birthday present to Alison."