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Candlestick Park auction to feature scoreboard, lights, washers, and more

Candlestick Park will be bulldozed in the near future. Before then, however, you can get your hands on all kinds of random crap!


Thursday, August 14, Candlestick Park will hold its final event, with Paul McCartney putting on a show. The stadium will eventually be bulldozed, but before they destroy the stadium, the city of San Francisco has some trinkets to unload!

Starting at 7 a.m. PT on September 10, Heritage Global Partners will host a 3-day global webcast auction of all sorts of random stuff from the Stick. The auction is going to include some seriously random stuff. You'll have the option of bidding on everything from a small scoreboard to light fixtures to washers, generators and concession equipment. There is a lot of stuff that will otherwise be tossed out, so why not try and auction it off?

The auction page is hosted HERE. There is also a partial sale catalog available for viewing. It lists 115 items, and it sounds like there will be more. Here are a few of the items. We don't have opening prices, but I'd imagine some of these might get up there. All pictures come via the sale catalog.


Stadium Light Tower

Flag Poles

Walk-in Freezer

Clothes Dryer