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49ers fan uses Seahawks Colin Kaepernick jersey to honor bet

Someone was spotted wearing a Colin Kaepernick Seahawks jersey. We were confused at first, but we've discovered the back story!

@49ersFansSay on Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks have developed a fairly intense rivalry in recent years, with both fans and players getting into the heat of it. There are plenty of friendships involving one person being a 49ers fan, and one person being a Seahawks fan. And naturally, that leads to friendly wagers. This is the story of one such wager!

This picture floated around Twitter earlier this morning, and it threw most of us for a loop:

There was some confusion, but eventually someone cleared the air. It turns out the person in the picture is a 49ers fan, and he made a wager with a Seahawks fan over the NFC title game. With the 49ers losing, he had to wear a Seahawks jersey. He was able to get this Kap jersey made through a knockoff website. Here are some tweets explaining it:

This jersey seemed so odd, there had to be some back story to it. And indeed, there was such a back story. The real lesson in this is to be careful in your betting.

Fooch's Update: If you're a 49ers fan in the greater Seattle area, Alex Carson has a group called Seattle Niners Faithful. Check them out to find more 49ers fans up in the Pacific Northwest!